Missing Children Europe launches a web page for Ukrainian missing children

On March 9th 2022, Missing Children Europe launched a new web page dedicated to missing Ukrainian children.
The website provides information on how to report a missing Ukrainian child across Europe, posters of Ukrainian children currently reported missing as well as resources to support missing children and their families fleeing Ukraine.

As hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, mainly women and children, are on the move to seek refuge in neighbouring European countries, children risk being separated from their families. They are also at risk of exploitation, trafficking and going missing. Our Ukrainian member NGO Magnolia has already reported cases of missing children, although we expect the reality to be much higher.

NGO Magnolia is working hard to offer online support to children and families through chat options and regular updates on information about missing children shared via social media. However, they do not have access to their offices and servers in Kyiv while seeking shelter from the bombardments, which means they are currently not reachable via the 116000 hotline number.

Visit the website: www.missingchildrenukraine.eu