The School of Humanness: enhancing youth workers' capacity, solidarity and active citizenship.

From May 30th to June 6th, 2024, over 40 youth workers will converge in Kapir, Eastern Uganda, for the School of Humanness, a capacity-building event that is part of the European Union co-funded project, HUMANNESS: EU Social Challenges and Civic Engagement for Solidarity. This significant gathering is organized by the coordinating partner Libera. Associazioni, nomi e numeri CONTRO LE MAFIE (Italy), in collaboration with "Hope For Children" CRC Policy Center (Cyprus), OBESSU (Belgium), Between (Portugal), and Intercultural Development Agency (Uganda). 

The School of Humanness is a unique training program designed to address crucial topics such as peace, solidarity, social justice, child protection, social inclusion, systemic well-being and awareness, civic participation, and youth empowerment for sustainable development. Each participating organization leads a specialized training session, bringing their expertise and insights to foster a collaborative and enriching learning environment. Additionally, the program will cover democratic participation among young people and include institutional visits in Uganda's capital, Kampala. 

This event will also serve as the unveiling of the Youth Community Engagement Model, a comprehensive deliverable that explores the principles and challenges of youth engagement. The model will address the gaps and needs that emerged from the national focus groups with youth workers dealing with vulnerable groups, aiming to enhance their capacity and encourage active citizenship. 

The School of Humanness aims to empower youth workers with the skills, knowledge, and networks necessary to foster a more inclusive, just, and sustainable future for young people. By coming together, these organizations and youth workers are laying the groundwork for significant societal impact and change. 

HUMANNESS – EU SOCIAL CHALLENGES AND CIVIC ENGAGEMENT FOR SOLIDARITY (2022-1- IT03-KA220-YOU-000089603) is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.