The "Mapping Youth Solidarity Practices" Report

The "Mapping Youth Solidarity Practices" report (available in ENG) has been developed in the framework of the European project "HUMANNESS: EU Social Challenges and Civic Engagement for Solidarity". It outlines the first research activities, including field research, conducted by the partnership to map youth solidarity engagement practices in rural and marginalized urban areas in Europe in Italy, Cyprus, Belgium and Portugal, and in the African partner country Uganda, as well as the needs, gaps, and other findings identified through these activities. The research aimed to gather relevant information and methodologies to serve as a starting point for the development of a Youth Community Engagement Model and the development of the Humanness Toolkit, which will be delivered at later stages of the HUMANNESS project. 

This report is aimed at youth workers, stakeholders in the field of youth policy and education, including policymakers, and the general public interested in national and transnational youth, solidarity and community initiatives. 

HUMANNESS is an innovative transnational project between Libera - Italy, Between - Portugal, OBESSU - Belgium, “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center - Cyprus and the Intercultural Development Agency from Uganda, that strives to develop strategic tools and methodologies for facilitating the social inclusion and the development of competences of marginalised young people.