Invitation for the collective effort to ensure the well-being of children from the impact of the pandemic

The International, Humanitarian and Independent Institution “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Centre has the primary goal of protecting children’s rights, especially at this given time while the pandemic continues to spread rapidly causing international distress regarding the welfare of children.  

Confusion, anxiety, disappointment and the increasing cases of violence constitute the main consequences of the pandemic and social distancing which have intensely affected the welfare of children the past months. According to the findings of European and International studies, the implementation of a multidisciplinary strategic approach is highlighted with the aim of more effective handling of challenges for the safeguarding of the welfare of children as well as their empowerment. The goal is the provision of affordable and quality services which respond to the social and psychological needs of the children.  

It is considered that the collaboration of the competent services and organizations will contribute to the promotion of the aforementioned strategy, as well as, to its faster and more effective implementation. It is worth noting that there is willingness from the political leadership and competent authorities to actively contribute to the protection of the well-being of children. 

Nevertheless, the challenges faced during the collaboration of the relevant services and organizations, especially during the implementation of practices, negatively affect the realization of coordinated actions and interventions regarding the welfare of children. According to the statement of the Director-General of Hope For Children, Mr. Joseph Borghese: “It is crucial that the political decisions receive the necessary support by the responsible persons for their implementation, while at the same time through a spirit of collective effort and collaboration to ensure that the best interest of the children always remains at the center of all actions.”   

In conclusion, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the routine and psychological well-being of children, thus the immediate intervention in a collective level is considered essential. Taking into consideration the European and International guidelines, through strengthening the collaboration amongst the responsible stakeholders and following a common path targeting the optimal welfare of children, we will be able to respond and outgrow the international crisis of the pandemic and the challenges entailed.

In order to contribute to the above, Hope For Children has planned the realization of meetings with political leaders in order to transfer recommendations based on the experience of the organization in the field, in order to be taken into consideration during the compilation of the Recovery and Resilience plan for dealing with the impact of the pandemic which the EU calls the Republic of Cyprus to create. For the same purpose, the organization will conduct meetings with executives from institutions of the European Union, the United Nations and the Council of Europe which are involved in the protection of children’s rights.