“Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center attends the 37th meeting of the Council of Europe Lanzarote Committee

The Executive Director of “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center, Andria Neocleous, represented the Organisation at the 37th meeting of the Council of Europe Lanzarote Committee, which has honored HFC with the observer status since 2017.  

This meeting gave the opportunity to Observers to present their recent and upcoming work to the plenary, contributing as such to further experience and information sharing among its members.  

Ms. Neocleous successfully informed the Committee about the overall work of HFC in the field of child protection, with a special focus on the progress and future expansion of the Children’s House in Cyprus and the multi-disciplinary approach achieved through the commitment and direct involvement of all the competent authorities. She also demonstrated the positive leaps towards the prevention of child sexual abuse and facilitation of child disclosure, in both legal and practical terms, and the efforts for more child-friendly court procedures. 

HFC would like to thank the Lanzarote Committee and the Council of Europe for giving voice to civil society and providing important material relative to combatting child sexual abuse and exploitation.