Hope For Children CRC Ambassadors thank you message

On behalf of all the children of Cyprus, the “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Centre's Children's Rights Ambassadors from the American International School in Cyprus would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of you, doctors, nurses, health care practitioners, social workers, cleaning staff in hospitals, public safety officers, transport workers, postal workers, technicians, supermarket employees, delivery men and everyone else on the front line.

In times like this where our whole world seems to be turned upside down, where we can’t go to school, or see our friends, we can only imagine how difficult it is for all of you to go to work in such stressful conditions and risk your lives to protect ours. You are all making a huge sacrifice and we want you to know that you are not invisible.

Our responsibility as Children’s Rights Ambassadors is not only to educate children on their rights and responsibilities but also to protect other children when in need. And you are all setting a very good example of how you are going out of your way, putting yourselves at risk to protect us children, our parents, our grandparents and everyone we love and cherish.

As children, we always have our favorite heroes, they are usually a super hero from a comic or an athlete we admire and look up to, but in a time like this we realize that all of you out there in the front line are the REAL HEROES.  So, THANK YOU! We greatly appreciate each one of you for what you are doing. Please stay safe!