€300,000 worth of electronic equipment donated to the children of Cyprus by Hope For Children

“Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, will donate new electronic equipment to all children in need at secondary education in Cyprus, so that they can take part in distance-learning. The total funds given will amount to over €300,000, and over 2,100 devices will arrive in Cyprus on a specially chartered government flight, used for medical and other supplies from China, later in the week.

“Hope For Children” CRC Policy expressed their thanks to the Minister of Education, the Embassy of Cyprus in China, the Presidency of the Republic and the President of the Parliament that contributed to the realization of this effort.

The needs however are a lot, and because of this Hope For Children calls upon companies, stakeholders, organizations and organized groups to contribute to the organization’s initiative in order to donate electronic equipment to the children of Cyprus. The goal is that within the next days, the organization covers the needs of students of elementary education as well.  

No child should remain without the chance to access to education. We also thank the company Logicom for already responding to this call”, “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center stressed.

It is noted that electronic equipment will also be donated to all the children of Lyreio Foundation in Attica, since part of the funds dedicated to the purchase of the equipment comes from the unallocated funds raised during the campaign #standbygreece organized in the summer of 2018.

As stated by Mr. Joseph Borghese, Director-General of Hope For Children, «It is our priority as an organization, to stand next to the children and families especially during crisis times such as the one we are going though. Access to education is one of the basic rights of children, and no crisis should stand on the way to implementing it”.