ANT1 Cyprus joined forces with “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center in order to support the people affected from the wildfires in Attica in July 2018. The great initiative of ANT1 Cyprus to support Stand By Greece campaign, was to implement a telephone fundraising campaign by asking their viewers to call and contribute to this cause. “Stand By Greece” fundraising campaign aimed the reconstruction of an infrastructure for children which was destroyed by the wildfires.  

Through this activity undertaken by ANT1 Cyprus, the amount of 14.032,72 euro was raised and given to “Hope for children CRC Policy Center” together with GT Digital. During a small ceremony, Ms. Antgoni Athieniti PR Manager of ANT1 Cyprus and Ms. Christiana Kyprianou GT Digital representative, handed the donation cheque to Mr. Joseph Borghese Director-General of the Organization. Mr. Borghese thanked ANTI Cyprus for their great support and additional contribution towards this humanitarian campaign. Ms. Andria Neocleous Director of the Humanitarian Division and Ms. Irena Georgiadou member of the Senior Advisory Board of HFC, also attended this small ceremony in order to express their gratitude for this initiative.

Moreover, ANT1 Cyprus participated at the national media campaign to support “Stand By Greece” which took place from July 31st to August 3rd 2018, aiming to collect donations for the reconstruction of an infrastructure for children which was destroyed by the wildfires. The total amount raised is 298.065,51 euro. 

Within the following weeks, “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center will hold a press conference announcing information in regards to the project undertaken in Attica, as a result of this campaign.