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Andria Neocleous
Director of Humanitarian Division

She has studied Sociology (BSc) at the University of the Aegean in Mitilini, Greece and then she received a master degree of Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Surrey in England. She has attended the training from the Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family and a series of seminars for Counselors about addiction, from KENTHEA and the University of Cyprus.

She completed her internships in a child house of Social Welfare Services in Nicosia, while she worked for two years as a social counselor at the Unit Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (project funded by the European Refugee Fund), providing social support to survivors of torture and their families, but also victims of trafficking. Then she worked as a consultant to the company First Elements Euro consultants Ltd until February 2014, where she participated in the implementation of European and national projects, and undertook the writing of proposals and preparation of reports for project monitoring and financial reporting. At the same time, she was the principal investigator for the program in Cyprus “Data Collection and Research Services on Fundamental Rights Issues” of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA). Since 2010 she collaborated with the "Hope For Children" CRC Policy Center as an external partner for handling unaccompanied minors and implementing EU programs, and since April 2014, she is working at HFC as the Director of the Humanitarian Division.